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Jul 22

I also have a high IQ in sweets.

Jul 22

Biff is disappointed by Mayor mar-c’s visit.

Jul 21

I went to visit myself in a dream! Usagi has had a few dream addresses, which is really annoying, but also means I can go back and visit earlier versions of my town. This is my first dream address and Usagi was only two weeks old - no landscaping or paths, and only a single yellow bench for PWPs. It was lovely to see all my old villagers and their original houses, and past mar-c didn’t seem too surprised to meet future mar-c!

Usagi’s current dream address is 7700-3047-9109 if you want to compare them and see what’s changed in a year (A LOT).

Jul 21
Muffy - not a fan of fleas.

Muffy - not a fan of fleas.

Jul 20


We’ve never really tried playing the stalk market so we thought we’d give it a go. We’ve both bought 100 turnips today and we’ll see who can make the most money in a week. Check back next Sunday to find out!

Jul 20

Some pics from the Bug Off in Usagi yesterday. I entered a flea I caught off Gaston and got mistaken for a giant bug by Genji. I caught a couple of bigger things but Gaston was winning so I decided to let him get a trophy. Imagine my horror to discover Marcie had stolen my usual place on the podium as well as my name! I am never speaking to her again.

Jul 20
"We’re siiiiinging in the rain!"

"We’re siiiiinging in the rain!"

Jul 19

I had a really good Bug-Off today! I forgot to stock up at the island so I wasn’t cheating for once but I still managed to win the competition AND get the snail clock I wanted :) The villagers were being really cute attempting to catch bugs - I accidentally spoke to Erik when he was about to catch a cicada and he was SO MAD!!

Jul 19


I have been revisiting my Gamecube town in the past for Toy Day because I love it so much, but I hadn’t played for a couple of years so my villagers were still surprised to see me (or though I was dead, thanks Rasher). 

Mogwai’s villagers

Sue E
+ Jay who moved out, but was hanging around the town square.

I couldn’t get over how stumpy the characters look compared to New Leaf! I’m also clearly too attached to certain villagers as I’ve had Punchy, Genji, Vladimir, Butch and Aurora in my New Leaf town. Tabby was always my best pal so it was awesome to see her - I hope she turns up in Usagi next.

I put the clock forward a little so I could take part in Aerobics. I wish they’d bring it back - it’s so hilarious watching your villagers do the exercises, especially when they realise they’re doing it wrong and panic :)

Here’s my Animal Crossing Community page for Mogwai. I was always saying the GC version is the best Animal Crossing, but playing it again I found it really repetitive so I am back on Team New Leaf! The main things I miss are the events and the rewards like the golden statue and fish weathervane. And yes, I played as a boy, because we thought I might get different stuff.

We’ll need to check out our Wild World towns next.

Jul 19


We visited our old GameCube Animal Crossing towns last weekend and took a few screenshots. I couldn’t believe there were only 3 rooms in my finished house and that wardrobes and dressers only held 3 things each - mad!

My town is called Makar and my favourite villager was Bob. I was devastated when he moved away so I started a new town to try and get him back - and I did!

Makar’s villagers :

The last time I played was nearly 8 years ago so my villagers were pretty mad at me. I had a few animals move out but the only one I was sad about was Iggy because I had him from the start. It was much more fun speaking to everyone because they were a lot ruder! The grumpy characters really were grumpy and the snooty ones could be quite nasty to you. I miss that! I had a great conversation with Grizzly but I’ll post that separately.

I loved the tiny town in the basement of my house, the money tree, grumpy Spike wearing my ‘I <3 YOU’ design, seeing my bestie Bob again, playing with the football (until it fell in the pond) and my gold statue. Oh and fans! They are sooo cute and should be brought back immediately. I didn’t enjoy pulling up 8 years worth of weeds to take these screenshots!

I would definitely play it again, maybe on my birthday or Toy Day, so look out for more screenshots in the future.

This is my Animal Crossing Community page if you want to see what my town is like (the residents list needs updating).